The prevalence of varicose disease should not be reminded, because she does not allow herself to forget. Every now and then, in the summer season, the look stumbles on someone’s legs, mutilated by ugly blue knots. However, just as accidentally the sight has stopped, an unpleasant picture is quickly forgotten. And even sympathy for the sick person appears fleeting – because you will not be affected by this problem! So you think, until you notice the treacherously sticking veins on your legs at yourselves.

And here it begins, if not panic, then gloomy reflections. So that made the feet swelled in the evenings and a little hurt! And that’s why beautiful fashion shoes are not worn as easily as they did six months ago! We must do something. Let’s try folk remedies for varicose veins.Varicose is an insidious disease, it does not have age, so it can even occur in a child. The vein treatment in st Louis happens to be the best solution regarding this matter now.

Which category of people is at risk?

By and large, everyone is at risk. Here a special role is played by hereditary predisposition (98% of cases), varicose often occurs in those people for whom congenital weakness of connective tissue is characteristic. And an excessive load on the veins, which can occur due to excess weight, prolonged lying on the feet, with frequent weight transfer, when wearing shoes with high heels, etc. By the way, the beautiful half of humanity suffers from this disease much more often, on their 60 to 70% of cases.Also, varicose can become a consequence of pregnancy and childbirth, which is why young girls and women should monitor the condition of the veins on their legs.

What should be his/her actions?

Every patient who heard that he/she has signs or a hint of varicose veins should follow certain preventive measures,phlebotonics, and gymnastic complexesand contrasting souls before bed. It is necessary to wear compression jersey and every six months to come to a consultation with the phlebologist with the passage of ultrasound Doppler scan.As for compression knitwear, it is worn only in the afternoon. In the morning, without getting out of bed, it should be worn, and in the evening, before going to bed, take pictures.

What symptoms signal the problems with the veins?

It causes heaviness in the legs, the appearance of swelling and, most importantly, the appearance of veins, no matter what. It can be just a vascular pattern, the so-called “stars”, or it is already a contouring, varicose-deforming vein on the legs. Symptom is the spasm of the calf muscles.

What else can negatively affect the health of the patient?

Long flights, especially since our citizens like to abuse alcohol before flying in an airplane, because of which the blood thickens even more. When a person sits in an airplane for more than three hours, the risk of thrombosis or thrombophlebitis, especially in a person with varicose veins, increases 4-5 times. If it gets worse, then the vein treatment in st Louis is the only place to head to.