For most men, penis size is really important as it is often associated with masculinity and directly impact’s a man’s self-esteem.

Believe it or not, shrinkage or shortening of the penis occurs more often than you might think but it’s not spoken about as often as issues such as erectile dysfunction.

There are a number of reasons why a shortening of the penis can occur, some of which we can control, while others are completely out of our control.

Why penises shrink or shorten

Here are some of the main reasons for penis shrinkage:


As we age, our bodies produce less testosterone, something that eventually affects your libido too. When men experience a low sex drive, the penis isn’t used as often and when this occurs, the muscle tissues may decrease in size because of muscle atrophy.  

Genetic defects

For some men, genetic defects and disease can cause the penis to shorten or shrink. Peyronie’s disease is a common issue that causes a plaque build-up in the penis, which causes the penis to curve and shrink.

Men who have undergone prostate surgery may also experience penis shrinkage due to nerve damage. If you have recently undergone surgery and would like to find out more about the penis enlargement treatments available to you, visit

Weight gain

Unlike age, which is completely out of our control, weight gain is something that can be avoided and treated in order to prevent shortening of the penis. Even though your penis stays the same size as you gain weight, the excess fat in the abdominal area will make the penis look and feel shorter. When weight gain is a serious issue, it can also start affecting blood flow to the penis over the long term, which is why so many men with obesity suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, there are a number of treatment options available to men who have experienced penis shrinkage or shortening.

From penis exercises and state-of-the-art tools and surgery, there is a treatment option available that will help you regain a healthy sex life once again.

Penis exercises are one of the most popular solutions for penis shrinkage but there are also more advanced options available such as penis pumps that will provide you with the desired results.

Over and above the many products and treatments available for penis shortening, it’s also important to take care of your overall health if you want to stop the condition from getting worse and if you want any treatment options to be more effective. Managing your weight through exercise and healthy eating habits is a simple way to start. In fact, if weight gain is the reason why your penis has shrunk, you can regain your natural size in no time at all.

As always, speak to a professional doctor if you are considering any penis enlargement treatments to ensure a safe and effective outcome.