Pharmacists Job Descriptions are constantly changing. They aren’t changing because the practice is being replaced of there are less people, the practice is rather expanding. Because pharmacists are everywhere like in markets, department stores, individual or independent retailers, even grocery stores, pharmacists environment also changes.

Originally, the pharmacist job description described an individual to be a licensed practitioner  in the medical field that could compound and dispense medications to clients and patients. Noe the role has evolve. Recently, pharmacists are asked to be abel to interact and engage with clients on deeper levels because often time certain medical discussions are uncomfortable. Most medical partitioners have trouble being sympathetic and getting emotionally involved. The pharmacists job description doesn’t require them to develop a relationship with the patient. It just requires them to be able to have good active listening skills and being able to comfort.

Students want to go into pharmaceuticals are encourage to keep an eye on the pharmacists job description because it is constantly changing like every job as technologies and people evolve.