There are two factors that determine the best approach to treating addiction: The substance being abused and the individual. Cocaine is a stimulant that produces feelings of euphoria and gives the user more energy and a better sense of awareness. Some people start using cocaine to self-medicate for depression or anxiety while others like the status appeal of using cocaine in social settings. Different people take different paths in life that end with the same type of addiction and the same risks that using cocaine can bring into their lives. Addiction Rehab Toronto takes a highly individualized approach to cocaine addiction treatment. The steps are:

  1. Assessment – The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the person by a multidisciplinary team of addiction professionals. This allows the professional staff to create a plan for the individual.
  2. Detox – Before going forward with the cocaine addiction treatment, the person must first have all of the cocaine out of their body. During detox, the addict is supervised by medical personnel to ensure they are safe and to minimize their symptoms if needed.Image result for Essential Steps to a Successful Cocaine Addiction Treatment
  3. Treatment – Depending on the individualized treatment plan, the person will begin to have counselling sessions which may include individual counselling, group therapy, and family counselling. They will also have access to physical activities and other types of therapy to reduce stress and encourage physical exercise. During treatment, the addict will learn the cause of their addictive behaviours and develop life skills to help them live drug-free once they leave the treatment facility.
  4. Aftercare–Treatment may last for 30, 60, or 90 days according to the needs of the individual. Once the treatment is complete, they will leave the treatment facility and return to their normal surroundings. Without support during this transitional phase, it is very easy for addicts to fall back into their original behaviours and habits. Too often, people who adjust to life in the treatment facility have a difficult time adjusting to life surrounded by the same influences and relationships that led to their addiction in the first place. A good aftercare program provides the support they need to maintain the changes they have achieved and continue to lead a successful, drug-free life.

The Impact of Cocaine

Cocaine is an expensive habit that often leads to financial problems for the addict. Cocaine addiction can cause mood swings and irrational behaviour that will impact the people and relationships in their lives. Since the drug is a stimulant, it can cause difficulty sleeping and eating and increase their risk of heart disease or respiratory problems. By the time the person realizes that cocaine use is having a negative impact on every aspect of their life, they are unable to stop using it and need professional help to overcome the addiction.

Although the phases of cocaine addiction treatment may appear to be straightforward, every addict will benefit from having a variety of treatment types available to them to meet their specific needs. The right treatment will help them win the battle and lead to a successful future.