The opioid addiction fight has been a long, drawn out and arduous battle all over the world says Drug Rehab Davenport.  It has been filled with successful actions that have decreased the rate of use, but, unfortunately, increased use as well.  Victories are achieved sometimes that can be monumental in helping fight the rate of addiction to opioids.  Such is the case in Davenport, IA, where in 2006 27% of the prison population was drug offenders, shows the Iowa Department of Corrections.


Due to an agreement Pfizer, one of the largest drug manufacturing giants has made with the city of Chicago, will be disclosing the risks of opioid use.  This will be major in decreasing the multitudes of people that become addicted to opioids.  Being that Davenport is quite close to Chicago, this is a large victory for them as well.

When more of the population is aware of the risks and dangers these drugs can have it can sway less people to use them, or use them as long or heavily.  Given, opioid painkillers do have their proper uses, such as for injuries, post-surgical, and other high pain circumstances, but they are often misused and abused. According to Drug Rehabilitation Davenport,this can then lead to a very dangerous addiction to them.  This can be due to multiple things, but a large factor could be the population’s lack of education on the risk factors of them being that it was never totally disclosed by the drug companies themselves.

Help for all of Iowa

This agreement made between Pfizer and Chicago is a win for all of Iowa as well.  Iowa as a whole has been struggling with opioids and it has become quite an epidemic in the state.  Heroin has become quite a large problem in the state, and many that are on heroin arrived there from being on prior opioid medications. In fact, The Des Moines Register states, “Experts say the heroin epidemic which is a growing problem nationwide, is largely spurred by people who first become addicted to prescribed opiate pain medication.“

Drug Rehab in Davenport have observed that due to the fact that heroin tends to be cheaper, stronger and more easily available, many times, individuals move to this.  Disclosing the risks of opioids by Pfizer will educate people so if they are needing to use these types of medications, they are more aware of making sure they are correctly using them and ending them before addiction becomes an issue.  While, this may not completely solve the problem, it is definitely a step in the right direction for ending this epidemic.

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