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Holidays are a great time for the sun and sand. It does not matter if you have a few days, say a weekend or a reasonably longer vacation at the beach pampering yourself like on your honeymoon, the beach is never short of awesome activities and fun. You get time to soak up the sunshine on the sand and escape the hustles of everyday life. However, being away at the beach on vacation keeps you away from the gym and other workout activities but that does not mean you cannot exercise as you can make the most of the advantage. The following are some activities you can do to have your heart pumping harder as you have a sweet time and you could do them individually or as a group:

  1.     Running

You can have a great workout by running outdoors on the sand which is pretty different from doing several miles on the treadmill. Additionally, you will benefit more from running on the sand .it is estimated that a 185-pound person can burn about 640 calories running on the sand while he or she would lose 400 calories doing the equivalent (maintaining a 10 minutes mile run for 30 minutes) on a normal surface. It may be harder to maintain the normal pace but you would be working out approximately 30% harder. If you are new to running on sand you should not dive in too fast and avoid running on barefoot.

  1.     Surfing

Although this activity has been seen as one for the lazy, it is a bit more challenging than it seems. The activity workouts every part of the body –padding exercises your back and shoulders, your arm and chest are stressed by the pushing up, and your core is worked as you balance on the board. The number of calories that one is able to trim off by surfing depends on the intensity of the waves –the choppier the sea, the more effort you will extend working out.

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  1.     Volleyball

Most people enjoy a good game of beach volleyball. This is a great group activity when the weather is fine. You will benefit from making new friends or socializing with your buddies as you also get some beneficial workout. A volleyball game on the sand would need more effort than on normal surface hence yield more benefits. The games is a full- body workout as involves the arms, legs, and core.

  1.     Swimming

Swimming is the most obvious activity while on the beach. You just need to head into the water and do several great laps. You can opt to do it as your main workout or do it in between other exercises, but whichever the case it is a great full body exercise.

  1.     Bodyweight exercises

There are so many body weight exercises you can do on the beach-body squats, push-ups, sit-ups, planks and so on. All you need is some creativity to come up with some great activities that you can do alone or with your friends or family.